Why Update Your Sash Windows?

There’s no doubt sash windows are a beautiful feature of any home, but especially in those properties which have period character or charm. However, some homeowners are reluctant to replace their sash windows, fearing that modern designs will look out of place against other features of their property. But did you know you can update your windows with styles which have been manufactured in the style of traditional sash windows? This serves the benefit of increasing the functionality of the windows while maintaining the heritage feel of the property.

Here are just a few of the complaints we hear from customers who want to replace their old sash windows.

When should you update your property's sash windows? Take a look at our expert guide to sash window replacements & common complaints with old fittings. Look at their condition, security, opening & insulating properties.Frames in Poor Condition

Traditional sash windows are usually made from wood such as timber which may look beautiful, but over the years can become weathered without continuous upkeep and maintenance. This often involves repainting or staining the frames to prevent them from looking tired or worn. If you have timber sash windows which are warped, rotting, or you’re spending too much time and money maintaining their condition, uPVC frames which emulate the look and feel of real wood are the ideal option for a low maintenance choice.

Difficulties with Opening

Old sash windows are notorious for getting stuck upon opening or lacking a smooth closing operation. This can even leave some homeowners unable to secure their windows properly, leaving them vulnerable to intruders. New sash windows with modern functionality are not only made to open smoothly and easily but also have multi-point locking for enhanced security performance.


When you’re left with old fittings in a home, they can often let in the cold as the wood deteriorates, keeping energy bills high as homeowners use more fuel and heating to keep their rooms warm. UPVC sash windows allow you to select A rated products with low u-values, making it harder for warmth to escape the home and impossible for draughts to get in. Update your sash windows if you think they’re affecting the energy efficiency of your property.

Lack of Sound Insulation

Those with old sash windows often complain about the noise they can hear outside their home. This can become a real nuisance if you’re situated on a busy road, flight path or you’re a light sleeper. Not only do new sash windows help with thermal insulation but block out high volumes of sound from entering your home.

Want to update your sash windows?

If you’re looking for an alternative to timber sash windows, the team at Hamiltons would love to help. We have an extensive range of sash window collections for you to look at, including Residence 9 designs which are hugely popular for their authentic look. We also offer expert advice if you’re located in a conservation area of Surrey or South London, understanding the regulations and permissions required when replacing period windows. So, whether you’re based in Kingswood, Leatherhead, Merton or surrounding areas, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.