Why you should always lock your windows and doorsWhen it comes to security, the single most important thing you can do to protect your home is lock your windows and doors. They should be locked when you’re in bed, when you’re not in the house and perhaps even when you’re not going to be in the room for a while. Now, if you’re thinking ‘Who wouldn’t lock their windows and doors when they’re out or asleep?’, the answer is about 16 per cent of homeowners in the UK (according to a study for National Home Security Month last October). In fact, about 70 per cent of burglars actually gain entry to properties through unlocked or unsecured doors! It’s a security issue that homeowners can do something about immediately to make their properties more safe for their families.

Get into the habit

It doesn’t take long to lock a window or door, and doing so will significantly increase the security of your home. By keeping the keys in a specific place (somewhere that is safe and hidden from view), you will always know where they are and you won’t have to faff around looking for your keys before bed – one of the reasons that some homeowners decide to ‘just leave it’ and go to sleep with the windows and doors still unlocked. By getting into the habit of checking your windows and doors every time you leave the house unattended, you will soon not even notice that you are doing it, and it won’t feel like a nuisance anymore.

Any easy opportunity for criminals

Leaving your windows and doors unlocked is basically an invitation for intruders to target your home. They don’t have to make noise by smashing the glass or weakening the frames, so they know that they probably won’t attract any attention – making it a low-risk option. If they have been watching your home to get an idea of your routine (e.g. when you’ll be out of the house or upstairs for a while), they might be able to get in and out before you realise.

Choose secure windows and doors

By replacing damaged or single-glazed windows and doors with strong and secure double-glazed options, you can ensure your home is as safe as possible. But, remember, your windows and doors are only secure if you lock them!

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