There are many benefits of installing roof lanterns in your home or business, from creating a beautiful design feature to letting in lots of natural light. But where are the best rooms to install a new roof lantern at your property? Here are some ideas to consider.

Glazing installation guides - ideal rooms to install a new roof lanternFlat Roofs & Extensions

Roof lanterns tend to be chosen for flat roofs, usually those based in single-storey areas or upper floors.

For example, if you’re planning a new extension to increase the space at the back or side of your home, you may be thinking about how to improve sunlight coming through the room. There are lots of ways to maximise the views and light on offer, from bifold installations to corner sliding doors. However, adding a roof lantern to the design can give your new extension the wow factor, bringing in views from the skies above.

If you have a pitched roof you’d like to add a roof lantern to, skylights are often the better option.

Kitchens & Dining Spaces

Where you fit a roof lantern can help to create zones within the space. If you have a large kitchen-diner, you could even think about having two lanterns installed with one above the cooking station and another over the dining table. This can also produce more cohesion between indoors and out, baking under sunny blue skies or eating under the stars.


Not everyone opts for a traditional conservatory when adding a relaxing space or social area to their home or business. A conservatory tends to be a structure built with a lot of glass and a pitched roof, so although an orangery may have large windows, there’s a lot more brick involved in the build. If you’re designing a new orangery, a roof lantern is a must, creating a sun trap in the summer and all-year-round aerial views.


If you’re renovating a commercial property, add the wow factor to some of your corridors to bring more natural light to areas where visitors move between spaces. This includes walkways between rooms in a restaurant or a passage leading to a conservatory in a hotel or spa. Traditional pyramid-shaped roof lanterns are often the perfect shape for this type of commercial glazing installation.

Grand Rooms

In large houses or commercial spaces, it can be hard to add a feeling of grandeur without consideration for the glazing you choose. If you’re selecting a roof lantern for this type of area, think carefully about the shape and design you want to create the right look and feel in the room. This includes octagonal roof lanterns, which have a dome-like structure for maximum impact.

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