Beautiful aluminium sliding doors can open up the rear of a property, bringing the outdoors in. This is thanks to the incredible views on offer with expansive panes of glass and minimal sightlines. While many people choose to have sliding doors run across one wall, if you have the space, you could even consider installing corner sliding doors. Here’s everything you need to know about using this feature to open up a room.

Corner sliding door installations - Easy guide to opening up your roomsAre Corner Sliding Doors Suitable for the Space?

One of the first stages in deciding whether to choose corner sliding doors is to assess the space. Do you have two walls large enough to accommodate this? Think about what you’d like to achieve. Most people choosing corner sliding doors or bifolds want to bring more natural light into the room and expand the views on offer.

If you would like to explore this option further, structural elements will need to be looked at, as the installation will involve the disruption of two adjoining walls, usually at a 90-degree angle.

A structural engineer will need to decide if the installation is viable and anything else that’s required for the build, including the addition of a corner post. This may be necessary if the overhanging ceiling needs more support once part of the wall space is removed.

Corner Bifolds vs Sliding Doors

You may also want to consider the best type of doors to install in the space. Bifolds vs sliding doors is a decision many property owners think about. The benefit of corner bifolds is that the doors can open fully when folded back, creating more cohesion with your outdoor areas such as a garden or terrace. However, the door leaves also take up more space either inside or out, and you’ll have more visible sightlines where each door panel sits.

Sliding doors are often more expansive, creating a ‘glass wall’ effect with views like no other door type can achieve. The panes will run along tracks in the frame, so while this means you won’t be able to open up the wall space fully, the doors won’t take up inside room. This can remove the headache of practical considerations like where to place furniture so that it’s not in the way of bifolds.

Consider Privacy

As much as corner doors increase your property’s outlook, consider how the views into your home are also affected. Corner sliding doors are often preferred in properties which aren’t too overlooked. Speak to your supplier about some of the best designs to help limit this issue. You can also increase privacy across your property via the installation of bespoke shutters, available in beautiful styles.

Are you thinking about installing new sliding doors?

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