Energy Ratings

Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property, it’s important to know you’re installing windows and doors which are insulating and weather resistant, keeping in the warmth all year round.

There are also financial implications to consider too, with an energy efficient home often making savings on its energy bills.

A Rated & A+ Rated Windows & Doors

All of the windows and doors we supply and install here at Hamiltons are A rated and A+ rated. You’ve probably seen the ‘rainbow labels’ attached to many of your products in the home to show what energy rating they are. Each product’s rating is based on a unique formula which looks at aspects such as their thermal efficiency, frame material and design,  solar gain, glass type and air leakage.

A and A+ are two of the best energy efficient ratings applied to windows and doors. It means the way they’re designed and manufactured reduces heat loss from your home and ensures your glazing has superior thermal performance. This saves you money on your energy bills as it decreases a business or home’s dependence on using fuel and heating to add warmth to their rooms.

U Values

You may have seen u-values applied to windows and doors which also let you know more about the energy performance of the product. The lower the u-value, the more energy efficient the window or door is, rating the effectiveness of the material as an insulator. All of our products offer a great u-value. Our Kömmerling profile – which is the most commonly used system – has a u-value of 1.4 for windows and 1.8 for doors, for example.

Environmental Information

  • CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

  • Installing energy rated uPVC windows are one of the most effective ways to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions from your property.

  • Energy rated windows reduce heat loss by more than 20%.

  • Fitting A rated and A+ rated windows can help you save over £250 from your heating bill in the first year alone.

  • Modern energy rated windows will not only reflect heat back into your home but will also retain heat from solar gain.

  • Old non energy rated windows waste energy equating to 0.7 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Get Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

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