When choosing new doors leading to your outdoor areas, it’s the ideal opportunity to make the most of your spaces while creating cohesion between inside and out. The style of door you select can affect the look and function of the room, so it’s important to know your facts before making a final decision. Two of the most popular aluminium products are sliding and bifolding doors.

Take a look at bifolds vs sliding doors. Which designs take up less room? What are the benefits of each style of door? Get expert advice from the aluminium window & door specialist covering Surrey & South London areas.Why Choose Aluminium Doors?

Aluminium is a premium choice of material, but this often means quality is of the highest standard. Its strong and lightweight composition allows it to hold large panes of glass without the use of bulky frames, creating a contemporary door which has plenty of functionality. With a wide range of colours and finishes available, it’s easier than ever to create the look you want on both the interior and exterior sides of the door. Moreover, aluminium can have a powdered coated finish applied to its paint, giving the frames added protection for enhanced durability and less upkeep. But which style should you choose for your home?

Creating Seamless Flow Between Inside & Out

Bifolds work via a series of doors panels which can open in either direction, stacking neatly against each other to one or both sides of the door. This is a great option if looking to maximise access between inside and out with flush threshold options available for seamless flow. This is ideal for those with outside areas they love to spend time in such as decking or a patio, creating an enhanced connection to these spaces. On the other hand, sliding doors do what they say on the tin, with sliding panels running along tracks to allow them to stack behind each other. However, this means the panes remain within the door frame area, limiting access unless the opening widths are large.


Best Views of the Outdoors

The popularity of sliding doors is down to the large, uninterrupted panes of glass they hold. Although high quality aluminium bifolds have narrow sightlines, the panoramic effects achieved with sliding doors are like no other. Therefore, if you want stunning views of your garden or the sights beyond, sliding doors will give you the expansive feel you want, even when closed. They also allow maximum natural light in, achieving a brighter, larger feel in your rooms.

Winner…Sliding Doors

Maximising Internal Floor Space

If your interior area has limited space or you want to ensure precious room isn’t taken up inside when your doors are open, sliding doors are a great choice. That said, you can select bifolds to open outwardly if internal space is an issue, stacking outwardly so that they take up less interior floor space.


Made up your mind?

If you’re a home or business in Surrey and South London, speak to the sliding and bifolding door specialists at Hamiltons. We have an extensive collection of aluminium doors for you to choose from and can talk you through the benefits of each style in more detail. So, if you’re based in Ewell, Oxshott or further afield, get in touch today.