Bifolding doors are a great way for homeowners to update the look of any spaces which connect to the outside, but there’s an array of choice when identifying the right product for you. As well as their placement and made to measure sizes, opting for a material which enhances their longevity, performance and beautiful look is essential. But which material is best for bifolds?

We think aluminium is a cut above the rest, achieving the ideal blend between function and style. Need convincing? Here are just a few of the benefits on offer from aluminium bifolding doors.

Why are aluminium bifolds the top choice for bifolding doors over uPVC & timber? Benefits of aluminium bifolds include strength, low maintenance, style & thermal performance. Find out more about how to enhance your home.


Aluminium is the strongest material on the market when it comes to bifolds, allowing the frames to hold much larger panes of glass than if choosing uPVC or timber products. One of the joys of bifolding doors is that you can achieve expansive views of your outside spaces. The superior strength of aluminium keeps frames as slim as possible and drastically improves sightlines. This helps to let in more natural light to create bright and welcoming spaces. You can also select bifold configurations which are installed around corner posts and bays which isn’t possible with other materials. Rest assured, aluminium is lightweight in nature, so ease of opening isn’t an issue.

Maintenance & Durability

Aluminium bifolds often have some of the best warranties on the market, guaranteeing to last for years. While you may be worried about the level of upkeep required to keep them looking their best, they only need wiping clean with soapy water to maintain their high end look. Unlike wooden window frames, uPVC and aluminium don’t rot, corrode or warp, and aluminium products usually have a powder coated finish to prevent damage, meaning they’ll never require repainting.

Thermal Performance

While some have concerns that metal frames lose heat quicker, high quality aluminium  bifolds have a thermal break inbuilt which is usually made of polyamide. Sitting between the inner and outer frames, this continuous barrier prevents the loss of conductive thermal energy, helping achieve a comfortable temperature in the home, whatever the season. Overall, it lowers the u-value of bifolding doors, falling below that of uPVC and timber bifolds and enhancing energy efficiency.


The slimline profile achieved with aluminium frames provides a stylish effect, whether living in a period home or modern property. One of the main benefits of choosing aluminium for your bifolds is that their powder coating allows for a broader range of colours and finishing effects than other materials, including dual colours for a different shade each side of the frames. If you like the look of wood, you can even select a woodgrain finish to emulate the look of timber bifolds.

Want to see some aluminium bifolding doors?

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