As the nights draw in, keeping our homes warm becomes a priority, so it’s important to ensure your property is as thermally efficient as possible. Unfortunately, you may find yourself turning up the heating or feeling less than comfortable if you experience issues such as draughts coming in or heat is easily lost through your windows. That’s why choosing energy efficient windows and doors is recommended.

If you’d like to overcome some of the most common issues with windows and doors this Winter, follow our expert advice.

Energy efficient glazing - overcoming issues with windows & doors in winterUpgrade Your Glazing

If your windows are letting in cool air or losing heat through the frames, it could be that your glazing isn’t up to scratch. Replacing your windows with high-quality double or triple glazing is one of the easiest ways to keep your home warmer in the colder months.

However, many homeowners face restrictions on changes they can make to their property due to living in a listed building or being located in a conservation area. This leaves them with single glazed windows which allow heat to dissipate quickly.

A great solution to create more thermal efficiency in your rooms is to add secondary glazing to your windows. You don’t usually require planning permission for these discreet internal fittings which won’t affect the external look of the existing windows. It provides both thermal and acoustic insulation for your property.

Dressing Your Windows & Doors

If you have large windows and doors, some well-planned dressings can help to keep warmth in and block out draughts, such as hanging thicker curtains. However, did you know that you can also get made to measure shutters that can help you to create warmer spaces without affecting privacy or light? Use a company that produces bespoke shutters so that they can fit them to your windows perfectly and offer a range of designs and styles to suit your interiors.

Installing Windows in Winter

While customers sometimes worry about replacing their windows in the colder months, an experienced company will adjust their practices accordingly. For example, they may ensure each window is replaced one room at a time to ensure the cold air doesn’t spread throughout the rest of the property. Turnarounds can be faster so that the new fittings are installed and sealed in the same day to reduce heat loss from the home.

Draught Proofing

Windows installed post-2002 Building Regulations should have a thermal performance that stops draughts coming in. However, it can be more of a problem with older products. For windows, weathertight and draught-proof seals can be fitted in gaps between the frame and glass to help prevent heat passing through them and stop draughts working their way in. You should also assess your front door as this is one of the areas where cool air can pass through your home. If you’d like to upgrade to a new, energy efficient front door, now is a good time to do it.

Would you like to make your home a warmer place this Winter?

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