How to Choose your Bespoke Shutters

The shutters you choose depend on the size, style and shape of each individual window, as well as the rooms in which they are located

When it comes to choosing the perfect shutters for your home or business space, there are a lot of factors to consider. The beauty of our shutters is that you do not have to choose one style and stick to it throughout the property – you can install custom shutters for each room and even each window, either with a different finish on each or making them look identical. Say you have a large open-plan kitchen–diner, for example: you could install a waterproof uPVC shutter at the window nearest the cooking space (as uPVC is resistant to moisture-related warping) and identically finished wooden shutters on the rest of the windows. Your bespoke shutters can be tailored to the individual windows throughout your property.

Window size

The size of the window you are dressing is key to choosing the right shutters.

Not just in terms of fit (your window will be measured to ensure a perfect fit), but also in terms of louvre size.

Large windows suit wider louvres, while small windows suit smaller louvres.

Window shape and design

Your plantation shutters can be tailored to the shape and design of your window, so that they look beautifully balanced.

If your window is a particularly odd shape, then you might like to choose full-height shutters with narrow slats.

Your interior shutters should reflect the design of your window – so, if you have a bay window with three panels of glazing, then your bay window shutters should also have three shutter panels for symmetry and balance.

Which room are the shutters for?

Perhaps the biggest factor to consider when choosing your blinds is what function you need them to perform within a specific room. Here are some common examples.

  • Bedroom: Many homeowners choose blackout shutters for bedrooms and nurseries, as they encourage a calm sleeping environment that is free from light intrusions.

  • Cinema room: Like bedroom shutters, cinema rooms are commonly fitted with blackout shutters as they prevent any light glare on the screen.

  • Kitchen: Full-height wooden shutters are popular for kitchens, as they let in plenty of natural light. A lot of homeowners choose waterproof shutters for the cooking area.

  • Bathroom: It is sensible to opt for waterproof shutters in the bathroom, as uPVC will not warp from the moisture. For privacy, you may choose full-height shutters.

  • Office: Full-height and café-style shutters are both popular for home offices, as they ensure privacy while creating a bright space. If you find that your computer screen is affected by glare from the sun, then you can rectify this with full-height shutters.

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