Whether you’re looking to add a new bay window to your property or you want to install new window frames in an existing bay, you’ll be adding value to your home and giving it a much-deserved facelift.

As well as enhancing your living experience and the overall aesthetic of your home, new bay window frames can help to boost your energy rating and potentially save you money on bills. Before you get started though, you’ll need to consider what kind of bay frames you’re after and how to go about choosing them.

What is a bay window?

A bay window is a window that protrudes from the main walls of your house, creating a ‘bay’ shape. This can be constructed to be a continuation of your walls, so that it gives you extra floor space, or it could be a ‘faux’ bay which is just an additional window added to the exterior of your house.

Do I need planning permission for a bay window?

Whether or not you need planning permission for a bay window depends on whether you’re replacing one that was already there or constructing a new one. If you are just replacing existing bay window frames , you won’t need to obtain planning permission.

On the other hand, if you’re adding a whole new bay window, you’ll need to obtain planning permission before you can begin. If you live in a Conservation Area or have any uncertainty, it’s always best to check with your local authority or your local window experts (that’s us!).

Where should I put a bay window on my house?

As well as extra internal space, bay windows add a particular ‘wow’ factor to the exterior of your home that will instantly enhance curb appeal if you add it to the front of your property. Ultimately, this decision will boil down to personal preference and the design of your home.

What types of window frames can you have in a bay window?

There are many different types of bay window frames available on the market, and the style you choose will again depend on your personal preference. The main types of window frames are UPVC, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, and composite. Each of these materials will also come in different styles, such as flush casement, sash, and double-hung to name a few.

What to consider when choosing bay window frames

The three most important aspects of choosing your window frames are as follows:

  • Material – You’ll need to consider the longevity, quality, and maybe even the ethical aspects of your material choice when purchasing new windows for your home. If you’re looking for the highest quality that promises excellent weatherproofing and little maintenance, aluminium windows could be the best option for you. If you’re struggling to weigh up the options, you might want to compare aluminium to UPVC windows.
  • Colour – Many window suppliers offer an abundance of RAL colours for you to choose from, with everything from golden oak and mahogany through to the more contemporary shades of anthracite grey. However, you might want to consider lead times on the more unusual colours and whether or not this can be accommodated by your project timescale.
  • Cost – Combining both colour and material will inevitably lead to cost. If you have a budget in mind from the very beginning, this will make the process easier for you as certain styles and shades can be ruled out.

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