While some property owners like to keep things simple, there are plenty of ways you can enhance the look of your glazing, including patterned and textured glass. Whether it’s a new window or a front door design, here are some of the best places to install a beautiful glazing feature.

Bespoke glazing designs - where to install patterned and textured glassFront Doors

Front doors are one of the most common places to install patterned or textured glass, helping to increase privacy while still letting natural light enter your home. It can be chosen for top and sidelights, but also as part of the door itself, replacing solid panels. The textures selected will depend on the desired privacy level and the light effects you’d like for your hallway.


Fanlights are a small window, often present in a semicircle shape above a door or a square shape above a larger window. They’re one of the best spots in a property to add a unique design statement that enhances the kerb appeal of the building. When designing a fanlight, you can choose different shapes and colours for the glass, or some property owners even like to include their door number or house name as part of the design. Patterned fanlights are popular for both residential and commercial properties.


One room in which textured glass is commonly seen is in cloakrooms and bathrooms, especially when they connect to the outdoors. Most people want sunlight to flood their bathrooms while maintaining their privacy. Textured obscure glazing is a fantastic option to help radiate light around the room without being able to see in from the outside.


One of the most popular buildings you’ll have seen patterned glazing is church windows and doors. Many churches are updating the look of their interiors and exterior appearance, including bespoke stained glass. Old fittings can be carefully removed before the beautiful new glazing is installed. This even includes uniquely shaped windows.

Internal Rooms

Glazing doesn’t just have to be used for a feature window or obscure glazing. You can also use it for doors within a property. This includes dividing doors, such as those between a living area and kitchen, where you’d still like the sense of individual spaces, but also want to keep them connected too. Textured or patterned glass can enhance the interiors and help light reflect through both rooms.

Commercial Properties

Textured and patterned glass is used throughout commercial properties, from front doors which make great first impressions for clients and visitors, to enhancing privacy levels in meeting rooms. Some companies even like to include their branding as part of the patterns chosen.

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