As a commercial windows and doors specialist, we work with a number of different businesses and organisations, finding the right products to fit a variety of needs. One place that often requires new windows and doors is churches, having old fittings which need replacing. However, churches usually have very specific requirements for both the look and function of their windows and doors.

Intrigued? Here are some key facts to know.

Would you like to know more about what's involved when choosing new windows & doors for churches? Includes selecting stained glass, strong doors & increased security. Expert tips from the commercial windows & doors installer.Stained Glass

We all know just how beautiful stained glass can be, especially those seen in churches. That’s why it’s important to work with a bespoke windows and doors supplier who can design windows around your needs. This includes a range of coloured and patterned designs, custom window shapes and sizing that’s tailored to the space. They’ll carefully remove the old window fittings, having conducted a survey of the installation site previously, and then fit the new windows to the highest of standards.

Large, Unusual Doors

It’s not just windows which are unique when you look around a church. Have you ever noticed how large the doors are? Not only do many churches have large opening spaces to the various sections of their building, but there may be an array of needs which any replacement products must meet. For example, an entrance door in a building like this must have the ability to withstand large amounts of traffic coming in and out of the church. Therefore, the door needs be high in quality in every aspect from the handle to the hinges.

Essential Features

Another element churches sometimes worry about is security, especially if old fittings aren’t providing them with adequate protection. Luckily, modern windows and doors have in-built security features, including multi-point locking that protects some of the most vulnerable parts of the door. Most high quality products will go through robust tests such as impact testing to ensure they’re up to the job. Another concern churches have is retaining the heritage feel of their building. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of traditional looking windows and doors which fit in perfectly with period features without compromising functionality. You can also save money as a church by selecting materials which are low in maintenance such as composite designs, uPVC or aluminium which offer woodgrain finishes to emulate the look of wooden products. This also has the benefit of reducing cleaning, repairs and maintenance costs.

Commercial Windows & Doors

Here at Hamiltons, we work with a variety of organisations across South London and Surrey, including those in Claygate, Fulham and Guildford. We have a huge collection of different windows and doors, as well as specialists who can help you tailor designs your specific needs. We have worked closely with churches in the local area and are happy to show you examples of our work. Get in touch now to tell us about your requirements and arrange your free, no obligation consultation and quote.