Many companies only specialise in new windows and doors for homes, but here at Hamiltons, we also help businesses find the right products for their commercial properties. After all, the appearance of a business is the first impression visitors get when they arrive at your establishment and may affect how the local community views your organisation. However, sometimes our customers think our commercial service is as simple as choosing a product just as you would for a home, but there are other factors to consider. Here’s our guide to commercial windows and doors.

Read our expert guide to commercial window & door services. The Day to Day Running of Your Organisation

The most important aspects of selecting the right windows and doors are ensuring their aesthetics fit in with the style of the property while providing the functionality required. This includes security, insulation and other benefits. These factors can vary from place to place, depending on what’s needed for the day to day running of the organisation. For example, in a care home, you may need windows which you can secure safely, are simple to operate for staff and ventilation is easy to manage. In an office, you may require high security features for peace of mind that burglars can’t easily gain access to valuable assets such as IT equipment in your building.

Perhaps you’re in a place of work in which you need quieter rooms for your consultations, so would like windows and doors which provide noise insulation. Consider your needs thoroughly.

Planning Commercial Window & Door Installations

The logistics of installing replacement windows and doors will often need to be planned in more detail than those at a residential property. Keeping disruptions to a minimum is essential for avoiding business interruptions which may lead to loss of revenue or create negative customer experiences. It may not be a simple task to clear each space for the installation. In schools and nursing homes, for example, the priority is the care provided for those under the responsibility of the facility, so a well-planned project is essential. You may also wish to have the work completely out of business hours such as at the weekend. The best way to organise your project is to find a commercial window and door specialist.

The Right Style

It’s not just homeowners who have a choice of bespoke designs for their property. Whatever your organisation, you can create tailored designs to perfectly fit the décor of the building or the period in which it was built, matching existing features. From stained glass and decorative options in churches to finding contemporary designs for entire blocks of flats for a letting agent, a reputable window and door installer will be able to talk you through the most appropriate selections on offer to you for your needs.

Need to find a commercial window and door specialist?

Here at Hamiltons, we have vast experience in a wide range of both residential and commercial projects, working with organisations in all fields from property management teams to local authorities. Speak to our specialist for a free quotation and consultation about products to suit your needs. We work across Surrey and South London locations, including Morden, Mitcham and Shepperton. Call now on 020 8390 4855 to get in touch.