Is there anything more romantic than a candlelit dinner under the stars? Surely not. And it’s something you can experience every evening in your own home, if you want. No, we don’t mean wrapping up and optimistically carrying your dinner out into the garden; we’re talking about getting a beautiful roof lantern for your home! Just imagine it: you and your loved ones sit down to dinner, with a few candles dotted around, and you look up to see the light of the moon and stars gazing down on you. It sounds like magical bliss, in our opinion.

Roof lantern essentials: tips to enjoy a beautiful home | Hamilton WindowsWhat is a roof lantern?

A roof lantern is a more ornate and elaborate version of a rooflight or skylight – a fixed window that is installed into a flat or pitched roof to let natural light flow in. Roof lanterns are available in a wide range of styles – from pyramid and rectangular to curved and more contemporary designs. They can be tailored to suit the shape, character and size of a room.

Conservatories and extensions

While roof lanterns look amazing in any room, they are particularly well suited to kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces – anywhere that lots of people tend to gather! They work well for conservatories, adding an extra dimension of grandeur and intrigue to the living space. The great thing about conservatories is that, with a roof lantern and glass walls, you really could sit and look at the stars from all directions, while enjoying your dinner or just cosying up and reading a book. Roof lanterns are also ideal for extensions because, more often than not, extensions have flat roofs, which work well with all types of rooflight.

How to get some candlelight/rooflight magic in your home

Enhancing your home with a beautiful roof lantern is easy. Simply contact a professional glazier and ask for a consultation about whether a roof lantern would work for your home. Then, all you have to do is choose the size, design and material that you’d prefer (like most windows, roof lanterns are available in uPVC, timber or aluminium), and decide where you would like it to be positioned (a glazier can help with this). If you want to be able to enjoy magical candlelit dinners beneath the stars, you may want to position the roof lantern in such a way that a dining table could easily sit underneath it.

Here at Hamilton Windows, we have a stunning range of roof lanterns for your property in Oxted, Windlesham, Virginia Water or another area of London or Surrey. If you’d like to find out more, or want to get a free, no-obligation quotation, simply contact our team today!