Roof lanterns fitted in Surrey

Roof lanterns fitted in Surrey

If there’s one thing buyers look for when browsing property listings, it’s light. There’s nothing more off-putting than a dark, dingy house, and estate agents are experts in making photos look bright and airy. If you want to attract buyers and sell your home quickly, having a bright space is an essential part of the package.

Many extensions have been carried out without due forethought. Adding a room onto the home is not just about adding space, but adding a pleasing environment. If your home feels dark, or needs more light, a roof lantern could be the solution.

What is a roof lantern?

A roof lantern is a box-like structure made from glass in a frame. Unlike a skylight, a roof lantern protrudes up and is often pointed in appearance. Some roof lanterns are small and shallow, while others protrude up several feet from the roof.

A roof lantern gives you two main benefits. One, it allows natural light to pour in from all sides, which can drastically change the way your room feels (particularly in winter). Two, a roof lantern adds a stunning feature that can be enjoyed both inside and out.

Roof lanterns can be made from uPVC or aluminium.

Styles and options

Roof lanterns can be double or single glazed, and you can decide whether to have a vented or unvented lantern. Vents help to bring lots of air into the room, while allowing the hot air at the top of the room to escape.

One upgrade we always recommend is self-cleaning glass. This means that the surface of the lantern will repel grime and dirt by itself, so it won’t need as much manual cleaning. Because of its location, this is likely to be a benefit. You can also opt for tinted glass to subtly change the way the sky looks through the glass, filtering the sun’s rays in the process.

Fitting a roof lantern

Hamiltons’ experienced team will conduct a site survey to find out what kind of roof lantern would suit your property. We will then provide diagrams and arrange an installation date. Our team will ensure that your roof can take the load of the lantern, plus the potential weight of heavy snowfall in winter.

We install the lantern into a flat roof by making an opening and building a cill and frame around it. We place the glass into the frames, then complete the frame by adding eaves. The lantern is then sealed into place using silicone, making it completely weather resistant, and ensuring there are no leaks.

Get it done right

Any job that involves making a hole in the roof requires a competent professional. The finished effect of a roof lantern can be stunning, inside and out, but it requires an experienced team to pull it off successfully.

If you want to bring more light and ventilation into your extension, speak to Hamiltons today. We’ll help you to design the perfect roof lantern to transform those dark, gloomy spaces.