Keep the heat in and the cold out with new double glazing from Hamiltons

Keep the heat in and the cold out with new double glazing from Hamiltons

The summer of 2015 was something of a disappointment for many British homeowners. Some of our customers reacted with horror when their central heating systems came on in mid-July. Granted, the British weather is never predictable, but highly changeable conditions make it important to run an efficient home all year round.

If you want to keep your bills down as we head into winter, one of the best things you can do upgrade your double glazing and make sure it’s working for you. If installed correctly, and manufactured to high standards, the right glazing can save you cash, and it works well as an addition to good quality loft and cavity wall insulation.

Keeping the Heat In

In England, it’s important that double glazing retains heat in the home, particularly in the age of expensive energy. In the winter months, our central heating boilers work for many hours each day, and it pays to stop that heat from escaping. Otherwise, you’ll join the thousands of average British homeowners paying well over £1,000 a year to their supplier.

Double glazing is a very effective insulator, particularly if fitted well, as it limits thermal exchange between the inside and outside. That stops windows from feeling cold to the touch – a key indicator of poor energy efficiency. While this cold feeling was more of a problem with single glazing in the past, it does still occur with double glazing, particularly when the seals have failed.

Windows that feel cold will cause moisture to condense and potentially damage your windows. The end result is a wet window frame, rotten timber and, if unchecked, black, mouldy windowsills.

Keeping the Cold Out

Some homeowners, especially in Surrey, risk cutting corners by installing glazing themselves. While this sounds like an economical option, it’s something we don’t recommend.

Poor installation can actually help heat to escape, and let cold air into the house. Tiny gaps around the frames allow air to circulate, drawing warm air out and letting cool air in. This can result in cold spots under windows, or even a draught that you can feel with your hand. Often, windows that are poorly installed will sound like they are wheezing when a strong wind passes through them.

If you suspect you have a draft, hold a smouldering item (safely) and move it close to the frame. You should see the smoke move in a different direction if there’s a tiny draught.

Spend Money Wisely

Government advice touts insulation as a positive home improvement, but if your windows are old or damaged, insulation won’t help curb your heating spend. The best thing you can do is bite the bullet and get all the windows replaced to improve your home’s thermal efficiency.

Don’t allow windows to go mouldy, and don’t put up with draughts in winter. Speak to Hamilton Windows about affordable, high quality glazing replacements. We carry out window installations all over Surrey, and we know how to retain more heat so you stay snug and warm this winter.