There is something truly exciting about building your own home, or embarking on a self-build project for an investment property. It enables you to design and develop every detail to your exact liking – from the colour and pattern of the brickwork to the materials you use for the window frames. Just look at Walter Segal, the modernist self-build architect who created half-timbered box homes across Lewisham (e.g. in Walters Way and Segal Close): he used his vision to develop buildings that were quite unlike other properties in London, but that perfectly met the needs of the families living in them. If you’re taking on a self-build project, here are a few things to consider about choosing suitable windows and doors.

What materials do you want to use?

You have four main options when it comes to picking materials for your new windows and doors, with your choice depending on your budget, security and energy-efficiency needs. They are:

  • uPVC: A durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient material that is widely used in new builds.
  • Aluminium: A highly energy-efficient option, with a sleek, versatile design.
  • Timber: An ideal material for creating beautiful, period-style windows.
  • Composite: Arguably the strongest option available, with lightweight frames and high impact resistance.

Choose secure, energy-efficient windows and doors

In line with the Building Regulations (2010), any new glazing must have an energy rating of at least C (windows and doors are rated from A+ to G), so as to make the home as energy-efficient as possible. Achieving an A+ rating is ideal, as this will mean that the building is warmer and more affordable to heat. Another section of the Building Regulations that self-builders should pay attention is Approved Document Q, which states the need for security features on doors and windows. By choosing glazing options that are certified under the police initiative Secured By Design, you can ensure you are complying with Document Q.

Does your planning permission specify window types?

When you apply for planning permission for your self-build, the local planning authority (LPA) may say that you need to install a particular type of window. This is usually only the case if you are building in a conservation area, and is something that should be brought to your attention before the project begins. For renovation work, any windows that alter the shape of the house (e.g. bay, bow or dormer windows) will likely require permission.

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