Prevent windows from sticking with proper maintenanceMost of us will have encountered a sticking window at one time or another. No matter how much you jimmy it and push your weight against it, the sash will just not budge. This can be a real pain, and, if left untreated, can essentially render the window useless. In such cases, the window will likely need to be replaced, so it is always best to address sticking windows as soon as you notice them. There are a number of reasons for your windows sticking. Here are just some of them, and what you can do to rectify them before the problem gets worse.

Expanding timber frames

If your windows are made from real timber, then a possible reason for their stickiness is that the frames have started to swell – meaning the frame and sash are being pushed together, so that the sash gets stuck and the window cannot open and close smoothly. Timber needs to be treated every few years to stop the wood cracking, swelling and rotting. If you catch it in time, then applying a coat of treatment should be enough to handle your sticking issue. If not, then you will need to get the window replaced. You could consider opting for a timber imitation like Residence 9, as this will retain the authentic look of the timber while giving you all the benefits of an energy-efficient, secure and low-maintenance building material.

Too many layers of paint

Another common cause of sticking windows for people with old timber frames is simply that there are too many layers of paint on the window! You might give the frames a fresh coat of paint every so often to keep them looking vibrant, but, eventually, this will add thickness to the frames and, as with the expanding frames above, stop the sash and frame from being able to move past each other efficiently. If you realise that this is the issue, then it is a good idea to contact a glazing expert for professional advice about rectifying the problem.

A worn-out mechanism

If you notice that your patio doors are sticking, this might be due to a problem with the ball-bearing rollers. If the rollers are not enabling the window to glide smoothly along the tracks, then they might be damaged or worn out, in which case the windows may need replacing.

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