It feels as though smart-home technology is getting more and more efficient with every day that passes. Homeowners are now able to be in complete control of their heating and even turn it off and on remotely – helping them reduce energy wastage and lower heating bills. It might be surprising that, in the age of smart homes and ever-advancing digital technology, a home’s windows are still integral to its ability to stay warm and ensure energy-efficiency.

Stop your heat escaping

Double glazing and smart homes in SurreySmart heating systems and double glazing should be used together in the creation of an energy-efficient home. While the smart-home technology makes the heating system itself more efficient, the double glazing improves the home’s ability to retain heat – the combination of which results in a warmer property that requires less energy to heat. Double glazing uses layers of glass and inert gas to create a barrier that thermal energy cannot pass through easily, which prevents cold air from getting in and hot air from getting out.

What type of glazing do I need?

Simply upgrading single glazing to double glazing can make a big difference to your home’s ability to retain heat. As outlined above, it is the layer of glass and gas that stops thermal energy passing through. Single glazing has just a single pane of glass, and no gas layer, which is why thermal energy goes straight through. If you have single glazing, you will probably have experienced cold spots or draughts within your home. If you live in a period property and cannot upgrade to double glazing due to planning permission restrictions, then you could consider secondary glazing. If you are able to upgrade to double glazing with a like-for-like replacement, then Residence 9 is the ideal option. For homeowners thinking about triple glazing, this is only really beneficial if the rest of your home has been upgraded to match – so if the insulation for the walls, roof and floor has been improved.

The current Building Regulations state that any new or replacement glazing must meet an energy rating of C. However, you can opt for double-glazed windows with an energy rating of A, which will further complement the performance of your smart-home heating technology.

Here at Hamilton Windows, our double-glazed windows complement smart heating systems to create beautifully energy-efficient homes. If you live in Hook, Putney, Virginia Water or a surrounding area, contact us today for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.