How bay windows can make your lounge look largerBay windows are a beautiful and practical option if you want to open up your lounge. You might live in a period-style property with small windows that make the living space feel dark and cramped, or perhaps you just want to maximise the light throughout your home. Lots of homeowners also choose bay windows because they serve as a delightful focal point within the lounge. Whatever the reason, here’s how bay windows make your lounge look larger.

What are bay windows?

The basic design for a bay window is three panes of glass that come together to create a structure that protrudes away from the room, creating a lovely nook or alcove. The main central window is slightly larger than the two windows on either side of it, and offers the homeowner largely unobstructed views of the outside area (unless you customise them with glazing bars or sash windows) – be it the garden or rolling countryside. As the windows are so large, they let in far more natural light than standard windows, and enable it to brighten up the room for longer, casting fewer shadows (shadows can have a shrinking effect).

Bring the outdoors in

Another reason that bay windows are great for making small rooms seem larger is that they effectively make the outdoor space part of the interior design. The large surfaces of glass let you look out on the garden or your view from wherever you are, with the windows acting as a frame for the outdoor view – so your space doesn’t feel confined to just four walls!

More light gives the effect of more space

Bay windows are a popular option with homeowners because they brighten the living space with lots of natural light. The large panes of glass let the sunlight flood in, not only warming the room but making it look bigger and more airy. As fewer shadows are cast by the items within the room (and, indeed, by the window frames), the natural light opens up the room beautifully. This effect can be enhanced by the use of mirrors and light furnishings within the room – you could consider dressing your bay windows with light-coloured drapes, for example. Or, if you need a dressing that will offer more privacy, you could opt for venetian blinds, roller blinds, sheer blinds, or even bay window shutters (or a combination of these). As long as they are light in colour, they will help to make the living space seem larger.

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