It is a well-known fact that a single panel of glazing lets in more cold air that a well-insulated wall. If you have ever put your hand against a single-glazed window or door in winter, we’re sure you will agree! Double glazing, on the other hand, is incredibly energy-efficient. So, for anyone who is worried that having patio or French doors within a room – rather than a small residential door surrounded by wall space – our advice is: don’t be. New patio and French doors that are well-installed will keep your lounge or kitchen just as warm as regular doors.

Ultimate guide to patio & French doors - energy efficiency adviceEnergy-efficient double glazing

Just like double-glazed windows, patio and French doors with double glazing are specially designed to keep heat inside your home. With two layers of glass and one layer of inert gas, double glazing is highly insulating. Also, modern glazed doors are manufactured with high-quality UPVC or aluminium frames that fit perfectly into the window and boost efficiency. Combined with other energy-efficiency home improvements – such as implementing roof, wall and floor insulation, and updating your boiler – double-glazed patio and French doors can play an important role in a home that is warm, comfortable and efficient all year round.

Old patio or French doors

The Building Regulations state that any new or replacement glazing must comply with set energy-efficiency standards. This means that new patio or French doors by law have to meet strict energy ratings. However, the Building Regulations do not suggest that old patio and French doors need to be replaced. So, if your doors were installed before April 2002, they may not be as efficient as they should be. If you notice that there are cold spots or draughts coming from the windows, or the frames are rattling, you should consider replacing them.

Keeping the heat in

As with any windows and doors, there are many ways to enhance the amount of heat that is kept in. Being sure to properly close and secure the windows and doors will ensure that they are well-sealed and no cold air can seep through any gaps. You could also hang curtains or blinds for your patio or French doors, adding yet another layer of insulation to the design.

So, if you want glazed doors for your home, you can be sure that they’ll be energy-efficient!
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