Yes! Windows can absolutely be replaced in winter. In fact, there are advantages to getting replacement windows now rather than during the summer months, including faster and more flexible installation appointments (due to lower demand) and the fact that you will feel the energy-efficient benefits immediately! So, if you’ve got visions of your home being opened up and cold air, snow and ice filling your living space, it’s time to cast these aside – replacing your windows in winter is an efficient process and a great way to make sure your home is warm and cosy so that you feel snug during the January and February cold snap.

Expert window replacement guides: installing in winter | Hamilton WindowsEfficient out-of-season window replacements

The great thing about getting your home’s windows replaced in the winter is that not so many homeowners do it, as they are busy enjoying the festive period or perhaps don’t feel the inclination to do home improvements when the weather’s so cold. As demand is usually lower or spread out, it’s generally a slightly more flexible time for window experts, meaning you can probably get your windows replaced even more quickly than usual (of course, whichever time of year you order replacement windows, the process is still highly efficient!).

Contrary to what you might think, having your windows replaced in winter doesn’t mean that your home is going to be at the mercy of the freezing air and rain for days! The expert installing your windows will assess your home thoroughly before starting the work, making sure the replacement windows will fit perfectly before removing the existing ones. If you are having more than one window replaced in your home, then the replacements will be carried out one by one, in order to avoid any unnecessary heat loss in the home. The glazier should also close the doors of the room they’re currently working on to further prevent heat loss.

Feel the effects of energy-efficient windows

When you get your windows replaced in winter, you should immediately feel the benefits of your new, energy-efficient glazing – especially if you’re upgrading from inefficient single glazing or windows that are draughty, rattle or create cold spots around the room. In line with Part L of the Building Regulations, your replacement windows will meet a minimum energy rating of C, and you can even specify a higher energy rating (up to A) if you’d prefer.

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