Are security locks the right option for your home?

Are security locks the right option for your home?

In recent years, having security locks for your home is more a requirement than an option. Not only is it a question of your peace of mind, but also of ensuring your home meets the security and BSI standards required by law and many insurance companies – ultimately, protecting your investment, improving the value of your property and potentially reducing your home insurance premium. To help you decide if security locks are the right option for you, here are some of the options available for windows and doors.

Types of window locks

There are many types of window security locks, but these three options come as standard when replacing your windows:

  • Multipoint locking systems  Modern uPVC windows do not usually require any extra locks as they come with in-built multipoint locking systems. These secure the window to the frame in several places. For added security, window handles often come with a lock that can be secured with a key.
  • Sash stops – Sash windows require locks that prevent them from being lifted up from the outside. Sash stops are key operated and fitted onto the upper sash, preventing the lower window from being opened. Three-position sash stops are available to allow the window to be locked when completely closed, slightly open for ventilation, or fully open.
  • Keyed patio door bolts – Modern patio doors are designed to be highly secure, and they can be strengthened further with keyed patio door bolts that secure the sliding window to the frame.

Security locks for doors

As times have changed, so have security locks for doors. We still see older styles of locks around, but, as people replace their doors, certain types of locks now come as standard. These include:

  • Five-lever mortise locks – These provide a good level of security and can be operated with a key from both sides of the door. A night latch can be added to offer extra security. Insurance companies will often require these to conform to the BS3621 and have the BSI Kitemark.
  • Multipoint locking systems – Commonplace with uPVC and composite doors, multipoint systems lock the door into the frame at a minimum of three points.

The future of security locks

With so many options for security locks already available on the market, key-operated locks are no longer the only choice for homeowners. From coded touch-screen pads to Bluetooth and biometric fingerprint systems, the days of fumbling for your keys could well become a thing of the past!

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