Keeping your privacy with windows options

Keeping your privacy with windows options

Whether or not you are planning to replace your existing windows, there are a number of simple modifications that can be made in order to enhance your home’s privacy. This is becoming more sought-after as people opt for larger panes of glass to complement contemporary styles, and also due to increased high-rise living where you can easily find yourself overlooked.

Frosted glass

These days, frosted glass is a far cry from what it used to be, with many different options available to suit the style of your home. The glass itself can be frosted in varying styles, using acid etching or sandblasting the panes of glass. Alternatively, adhesive frosted film can be applied to the interior of your windows. Decorative and plain options are available, as well as sheets with shapes cut into them. The latter allows more light through, but still offers a good level of privacy. Frosted film is a very flexible option, which is often used only on the lower halves of windows to prevent passers-by looking in, while still maximising on natural light.

Stained or leaded glass

Stained or leaded glass windows can make quite a statement in a home, while providing a certain level of privacy. Small pieces of coloured glass are held together by strips of metal and can be arranged to form a picture or a more abstract pattern. We only have to look at churches to see how this type of window can withstand the test of time.

Blinds and shutters

Blinds and shutters supply an easy and adaptable way of enhancing privacy in your home. Venetian and horizontal blinds are popular options given that they can be easily adjusted, and work well when used on bay and bow windows that face onto a street. Blinds can now even be fitted inside your windows before they are installed, keeping them out of the way. This is a real advantage for people with children or pets, and it also avoids the need for dusting!


Sheer curtains are available in much more modern styles than the ornate net curtains your grandparents used to have. Coming in a variety of different materials and colours, they offer privacy while still letting light through. They can be combined with heavy-duty curtains to achieve total privacy when internal lights are used in the evening. They are a popular choice for French doors or sliding patio doors with large areas of glass, as not only do they offer privacy, but also an extra touch of insulation.

Exterior window screens

A less adaptable but still stylish option is exterior window screens. You may find these useful for bathroom windows that face onto neighbouring properties, particularly if you have tilt-and-turn windows, as they obscure the view but allow you to open the window for ventilation

Whichever privacy options you are considering for your home in Horsham, Guilford, Reigate or the surrounding areas, Hamilton Windows has a team of experts ready to help and advise. Contact us today to find out more.