Frosted or obscured glass is perfect for bathroomsFor the majority of homeowners, frosted glass is an absolute must for parts of the home where privacy is essential – typically, the bathroom. It is a translucent type of glass (made by acid etching or sandblasting sheets of glass) that blurs images on the other side, thus stopping people from seeing into your home. Frosted glass is a great way to enhance the privacy of your home while still enabling plenty of natural light to flow in. Its use is not limited to the bathroom – in fact, there are many ways to use frosted glass within the home.

Frosted glass doesn’t just come in that crumpled, glass-sheet style that many of us are familiar with: it is also available as a detachable film, a decorative sheet of glass or a frosted sheet with clear, cut-out patterns. It can pretty much be crafted to suit your exact needs and individual style, forming a delightful feature of your interior design. This makes it ideal for use on your interior doors and windows, as well as on outward-facing windows.

Adding privacy to ground-floor rooms

Many homes feature ground-floor bedrooms, bathrooms and street-facing living spaces. As well as posing a security threat (passers-by are able to look into the rooms and see any valuables lying around), it is also difficult to relax when you feel as though people can see into your private space. At the same time, homeowners do not always want to block or obscure the windows entirely, as this would make the room feel dark and confining.

A great way to overcome these challenges is to apply a frosted glass film (either decorative or plain) to the bottom half of the windows, keeping the top section of glass clear. Doing so will afford you complete privacy when you’re watching TV, eating dinner or lying down in bed, while allowing you to see out of the windows when you’re standing up. A small tweak such as this will do wonders for how comfortable you feel in your living space. We were recently called to fit frosted double in Surbiton.

Improve the flow of light around the house

Frosted glass is also perfect for brightening up your home from the inside. Swapping a solid interior door panel with a pane of beautifully patterned frosted glass allows natural light to pass from room to room – making the home feel more inviting and better connected. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to achieve a contemporary effect within your home, as well as enhancing the privacy on bathroom, utility-room and lounge doors.

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