There’s a multitude of ways homeowners can update the look of their home, including the installation of new windows and doors. However, have you ever considered getting a porch over your front door? Homeowners across Surrey and South London are discovering the benefits come in bucketloads, resolving a range of issues experienced at many homes.

Here are a few of these problems and how a new porch can provide a solution.

Issue: Lack of Storage Space

It’s easy for your hallway to become cluttered with items such as shoes, coats, golf clubs and anything else which doesn’t have a place elsewhere in the home. This can reduce space both in aesthetical and practical terms, reducing what should otherwise feel like a spacious area. When planning your new porch, it’s easy to incorporate the features you want. So, if extra storage space to keep everything organised is one of your aims, let your design team know.

Issue: Expensive Energy Bills

One of the main areas draughts enter the home is through your entrance into your hallway, so a new porch will solve this issue completely. Porches add another layer of insulation to a house, helping to keep the warmth inside and prevent draughts from entering your property. Install a design which encompasses energy efficient glazing and provides enough room that you can close its door before opening your front door.

Issue: Desire for Enhanced Security

Safety and security is a priority for most homeowners, and a new porch can offer additional peace of mind. Although most new windows and doors will have enhanced security features, many want to do everything they can to ensure the safety of their family and possessions. A porch creates another barrier between the outside world and your home. Choose from a selection of safety features, including multi-point locking and state of the art handles and hinges. You’re essentially creating two entrances for any would-be intruder to get through.

Issue: Unwelcoming Entrance

The exterior of your property is often the first thing people see when approaching your home. Unfortunately, tired and outdated features can create the wrong impression. While it’s easy to freshen up your home’s overall appearance with replacement windows and doors, a new porch goes that extra step to creating a welcoming feel and kerbside appeal. It can even add to the value of your property should you decide to move home one day. It’s easy to blend the look of the porch with your existing property style whether looking for a modern entranceway or a heritage feel. The role of the porch is to enhance the look of your home, not take away from its character.

Thinking about installing a porch?

Here at Hamiltons, we specialise in updating the look and function of a home’s exterior, offering high-quality products such as windows, front doors, roof lanterns and beautiful porches. If you’re considering a new porch for your home in Esher, Chipstead or further afield, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your ideas.