When selecting a glazing specialist, you’ll want to ensure you’ve made the right choice for both you and your home. When deciding, one of the things you may be weighing up in your mind is whether to pick a local window fitter, or a company based further afield. So, to help make the decision a little easier for you, Hamilton Windows is offering five reasons why choosing a local window fitter is a smart move!

4windowsWhy choose a local glazing team?

  • Convenience. You’ll minimise hassle for yourself by being close to glazing showrooms, encourage effective communication, and you will know that your designated team will be prompt to any scheduled meetings.
  • Expertise. A local fitter will be familiar with the architecture of the local area, helping you make the most appropriate decisions for your home’s period and character.
  • Friendliness. Many local window fitters are family-run companies, who truly value their clients, and put an emphasis on friendly customer care.
  • The local social and economic climate. In choosing a nearby window fitter, you’ll support local businesses and help them prosper. You will gain peace of mind that you’re contributing to the local community, and furthering social and economic development.
  • Networking. When embarking on a home improvement project like replacement window installation, you may want to spruce up other areas of the home. Your local window fitter is likely to be able to put you in touch with other professional teams in the local vicinity.

Local window fitters – what do you think?

Have you had any experience with a local glazing team? Tell us your thoughts, and let us know what you considered the benefits to be. Send us a message or Tweet us on Twitter.

Are you based in Surrey or South West London? Do you fancy working with a local and long-established glazing team, yourself? Then give the team at Hamilton Windows a call today on 020 8390 4855 and enjoy the benefits associated with local window fitters.

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