It’s not unusual to walk around a home or business and see traditional internal doors throughout the property. But have you ever noticed how much space they’re taking up, either when pinned back against the wall or when opening across the floor area? They can be over a metre in width – precious space if your rooms are small or you’d like to experiment more with your furniture layouts.

Sliding doors and bifolds provide the ideal solutions, both offering an alternative to your standard internal door products, allowing for tailor-made, space-saving designs throughout your rooms.

Bifolding Doors

Bifolds are an attractive addition to any home, and you can choose bespoke designs so that they complement the style of your property, including a wide range of colours, finishes and customised hardware. Used throughout a property, they work by consisting of multiple folding panels which fold and stack to one or both sides (depending on the configuration you select), creating a concertina effect. Each panel can have an impressively narrow face width, so the doors take up minimal space when fully opened compared with a traditional internal door. They also allow for maximum access to each room which is ideal if moving furniture or connecting two areas in the home when entertaining guests, for example.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often chosen as gateways to a property’s outside spaces, offering a great option for a stunning garden or patio door. By using glass panels which fill a large area of each sliding panel, they offer unobstructed sightlines to provide beautiful panoramic views from your home or business. Sliding along double or triple tracks, it eliminates the need for the door to take up space in the room when opened. The large glazing elements also allow for maximum natural light to enter the property which can produce the feel of a brighter, more spacious room. Double and triple glazing options can be selected for enhanced energy efficiency while high quality frames made from materials such as aluminium or uPVC are low maintenance, thermally efficient and have secure locking systems.

Finding the Right Option for You

Whatever type of property you’re in, whether a period home, new build, flat or even a business property, finding the right solutions when replacing your doors is essential. Property improvements aren’t just about aesthetics but also making better use of the space you have and adding more functionality to your rooms.

Here at Hamiltons, we work with homes and businesses across London and Surrey locations, offering tailored services to individual needs. This means that even if you have specific ideas for how you would like to save space with new windows and doors or you’re unsure of the benefits of each type of product, our knowledgeable team will support you to find the ideal solution for your needs. We cover a wide area, including Berrylands, Camberley, Carshalton and Chelsea. Get in touch now for a free, no-obligation quotation.