Windows: they’re simple staples of our homes and yet they’re one of the hardest-working elements of a house. They help to keep your home warm and draught-free (and hopefully save you a few pennies on your heating bills), can be opened to provide a cool breeze on a hot day and, most importantly for many people, let light in.

Add as much light as possible with new windows

Add as much light as possible with new windows

If maximising on light is one of your main priorities, but you aren’t sure what window styles will be the most effective, then here’s our guide to the kinds of windows that will let the most light into your home this summer.

Roof lantern

Often considered to be more ornamental than a skylight, a roof lantern is a pitched structure that’s installed on top of a building. As well as letting light into the house, a roof lantern can add height to a room with a low ceiling. Roof lanterns are available in such a large variety of styles that we can almost guarantee there will be something on offer that will suit your home’s architecture.

Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn windows do exactly what the name might suggest. Twist the handle and you can open the windows in a variety of different ways, from fully into the room to just part way open at the top of the window. With tilt and turn windows, you always get the maximum amount of light coming in, but you also get to choose how much ventilation you have – a win-win situation.


Floor-to-ceiling windows are exactly what they sound like – expansive panes of glass that flood your room with sunlight. These are the perfect option if you have a fabulously well-maintained garden to look out on from your kitchen, or if you’re looking to brighten up your home with natural light rather than artificial.
Of course, this isn’t a definitive list by any means – we’d also recommend that you take a look at sash windows, bifolding doors and French doors (we know these are not exclusively windows but we hope you’ll forgive the slight cheat!).

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our available window or door styles and how they can improve your home, then get in touch with the team at Hamilton Windows. Whether you’re in Epsom, Fulham, Guildford or a surrounding area, we can help you find the perfect windows to let maximum light in this summer.