Keep your conservatory warm this autumn

Keep your conservatory warm this autumn

Many homeowners think that, during the autumn and winter months, conservatories are ‘no go’ areas. As the cold weather seeps in, the last thing you want to do is sit in a big glass structure, especially if it has tiled or wooden flooring. Just as sitting in your conservatory can be glorious in the summer months – when you can open up the doors and let in plenty of fresh air, and enjoy the natural light and warmth coming in through the glass – it can also be delightful in the autumn. After all, what could be better than watching the colours change in your garden, from the comfort of your own conservatory? By making a few simple tweaks, you could be curling up and admiring autumn’s reds, oranges and browns in no time.

Invest in your glazing

Just as the glass in conservatories creates a greenhouse effect in the summer, it is also the cause of heat loss in the autumn and winter. Investing in energy-efficient double or triple glazing, with high-quality sealed windows, is a good way to ensure that as much heat as possible is kept within the structure – though you’ll get the most benefit out of your glazing if you combine it with other measures to reduce heat loss. As the majority of heat escapes through the glass roof, you could consider replacing it with a solid roof or, if you’re concerned about ruining the aesthetic, a special roof that is half solid and half glazing.

Focus on the floors

We’re all familiar with the feeling of walking on cold, hard tiles in bare feet. It’s certainly not pleasant. By simply laying down a couple of warm, thick rugs on your conservatory floor, you will instantly feel warmer. In fact, the floor is a huge source of energy loss and draughts in conservatories. If you’re planning on using the space regularly during the autumn months, you could install underfloor heating, which would remove the need for bulky heaters. Many of our customers in Epsom and Esher have benefited from our expertly installed conservatory glazing.

Block out any draughts

Though conservatories can be fitted with radiators, central heating or portable heaters, this heat can be lost quickly in a conservatory. To prevent any energy from being wasted, it’s best to only switch on the heating for the time you’re in the conservatory. Stopping cold air from seeping into your conservatory is a good way to enhance the effects of your heating. Make sure the doors are fully draught proofed, using draught excluders to block up the gaps. Installing blinds or curtains is another effective measure, as this enables you to easily close the blinds when you need to keep the heat in. Alternatively, you could install roof blinds, which help to minimise heat loss without obstructing your views of the garden.

Here at Hamilton Windows, we can help you prepare your conservatory for the autumn. Contact us today to find out more.