When it comes to triple glazing, there are many benefits to be taken advantage of once you’ve made the investment.

One of these benefits is undoubtedly the added security a building is provided with. In fact, some retailers are even so confident about the security of their glazing products, they’re prepared to offer a money-back guarantee against break-ins.

Today, Hamilton Windows is exploring a few of the reasons that make triple glazing such a safe option…

Triple-paned glass technology

As the name suggests, triple glazing differs from double glazing due to an extra pane of glass.

This strengthens the entire surface area of the transparent panel, meaning that it is much harder for a would-be intruder to break the glass and gain entry to your building.

Whilst double glazing is very durable in itself, too, triple glazed systems offer property owners even greater protection.

Locking systems

For maximum security, you’ll want to ensure that your glazing products’ locking systems are up to the job, and triple glazed windows offer some of the best hardware and locking systems available on the market.

Multipoint systems, regular product testing and technology improvement all ensure optimum levels of security for your property.

Steel reinforcement

Another reason triple glazing offers such a superior level of security, is due to the frames’ steel reinforcement.

Not only does steel offer great strength, security and durability, it also meets all relevant British Standards.

To improve security standards with triple glazing, call Hamilton Windows

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