Ensure the double glazing is efficient for the winter for elderly relatives

Ensure the double glazing is efficient for the winter for elderly relatives

Despite a late autumn burst of relatively sunny weather, we’re now firmly into autumn, and the nights are already feeling cold. With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to think ahead and plan for bigger heating bills and chillier nights.

Elderly people tend to live with their homes in their present state, and they don’t allocate much cash for improvements or upgrades. If your relatives have old or damaged windows, an upgrade could be worth discussing, since good quality windows can slash hundreds off an annual fuel bill.

The Cost of Old Glazing

These days, pensioners rarely have cash to spare. Yet inefficient homes are one of the biggest cash drains on British homeowners. It’s inevitable that windows will leak heat, but the key is to prevent heat loss as much as possible.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a detached house with A-rated double glazing saves up to £160 a year on energy bills, compared to single glazing. Similar gains are possible if the existing double glazing is damaged, since this is likely to introduce draughts around windows, and result in cold spots in the home. Both of these will encourage an elderly person to turn the heating up.

Doors are also a source of heat loss in older homes. If your relatives have ageing timber doors, they may have shrunk or twisted, causing gaps to appear. You may want to consider plastic or composite doors for improved efficiency and security.

The Replacement Process

Hamiltons has been serving elderly people in the area for decades. We understand that budgets are limited, and every older person needs to spend their money wisely. We don’t send pushy salespeople, and we don’t pressure you to buy.

Our team will visit the property at a time that’s convenient for you and your relatives. We’ll assess the glazing already present, and see if a complete replacement is needed.

If double glazing is already fitted, we may be able to save some windows and replace only the most damaged ones. If there are gaps, twists in the frame, broken panes, or a significant increase in noise, that’s a good sign that the window will need to be taken out, and a new one fitted.

We’ll also assess the ventilation in the home, to avoid the build up of condensation that can cause black mould to form. This is particularly undesirable for older people, since cleaning the mould takes time, and can trigger allergies.

Once we’ve presented the quote, we’ll take a deposit and arrange a convenient installation date for your windows, plus any doors we may have identified as leaking heat.

Explore Your Options

Hamilton Windows focuses on customer satisfaction. We have built a reputation on being trustworthy and offering a high quality of service across the board.

Elderly people benefit greatly when their home is warm and secure. If you’re caring for an older person, talk to us about double glazing today. We’ll explain how our double glazing works, and how it could prevent your relatives racking up huge energy bills over the colder months of the year.