Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or are about to make your first venture into property letting, the ability to balance cost and quality is an important skill to possess. On the one hand, you need your rental business to be profitable, so have to keep the costs down as much as possible. On the other hand, you want your tenants to be happy with the quality of your property, as this will encourage them to keep renewing their contract, and ensure that you have a steady stream of income.

Creating a successful rental property requires a good initial investment into the house, flat or apartment’s interior and exterior fittings – particularly its windows – as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs. Some landlords seem to skimp on this in an effort to save money, but installing high-quality windows in the first place is more cost-effective in the long run: meaning you’ll only have to pay out for minor and one-off repairs in the future, rather than your tenants experiencing ongoing problems that result in the entire window having to be replaced.

Affordable, cost-effective and energy-efficient windows

As your tenants are the ones responsible for paying the energy bills for the property, you might not automatically think about energy efficiency when choosing your windows. But if your house is comfortable and draught-free, and your tenants are satisfied with the amount they’re spending on gas and electricity, then they’re more likely to stay in the property and pay you rent. According to recent energy efficiency regulations, landlords are required to upgrade F- and G-rated homes to a minimum of E by 1 April 2018.

Installing energy-efficient windows into your rental property is more affordable than you might realise. Here at Hamilton Windows, we offer a wide range of double-glazed, A-rated uPVC windows that can be tailored to your exact specification, and our team is able to find you the best option to meet your budget and the needs of the property. If you’re keen on further enhancing the home’s energy efficiency, then we even have triple-glazed options – though these are best suited to properties with advanced energy-saving measures in place, such as roof and cavity-wall insulation, or smart heating.

Creating a safe and beautiful home for your tenants

The great thing about energy-efficient uPVC windows is that they’re highly secure. Here at Hamilton Windows, all of our windows and doors are designed to keep your property as safe as possible, and our team is happy to advise you on further enhancing your security. uPVC can also be fully tailored to achieve the exact effect you desire, helping you create a home that is beautiful, cosy, safe and welcoming.

We’re experts in helping landlords create high-quality and cost-effective rental properties. Contact us at Hamilton Windows today to find out more.