Why choose shatterproof glass for your home or businessThere are many reasons you might consider installing shatterproof glass in your home: you might have young children and worry about them having an accident on broken glass; perhaps you live in a high-crime area and need to ensure your home is as secure as possible; or, maybe you feel that you need to protect your home against freak weather conditions like exceptionally high winds. Shatterproof glass ensures that, if your windows happen to get broken, your home is still secure, safe and well-protected.

What is shatterproof glass?

Shatterproof glass is made up of plates of plastic or resin that sit between two sheets of glass, preventing the glass from shattering across the floor. The glass can still be broken, but, in the event of an impact, it is held together by an interlayer that keeps the layers of glass bonded and prevents the glass from breaking up into sharp pieces.

What is shatterproof glass used for?

Shatterproof glass has a number of applications – from car windscreens to school windows and shop fronts. It is also highly beneficial within the home. Parents and grandparents who have patio doors or a conservatory, for example, and who often have small children running around their house or garden, may want to install shatterproof glass. This is to ensure that any accidents are not made worse by shattered glass.

If you live in an area where high winds may cause debris to hit your windows, shatterproof glass can make the difference between returning home after a storm to a cracked (but still intact) window, or arriving home to find a floor littered with dangerous glass splinters. Shatterproof glass is not impermeable, but it is much more likely to ensure the window retains its structural integrity. This means that the glass will hold together long enough for you to organise a replacement.

Does shatterproof glass make my home more secure?

Safety is the principal feature of shatterproof glass, but there are also security benefits. Tests have shown that multiple layers of glass laminated together can become resistant to bullets – this would hopefully not be needed in the home, but it does demonstrate the strength of the solution!

Shatterproof glass also prevents burglars from entering your home quickly and easily, as it effectively forms a barrier even after a window is smashed. If you are particularly concerned about security, we would also recommend finding out more about our Kommerling Systems windows, which offer additional security mechanisms such as shootbolts.

Here at Hamilton Windows, we always strive to stay up to date with the latest developments in home security, and we offer a range of shatterproof windows and doors to keep your family as safe as possible. Contact us today to find out more.