Let us help you create a perfectly dark sleeping environment or atmospheric cinema room with our range of blackout shutters.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get to sleep because your room is lit up by streetlights outside the window, or the sun waking you when you were hoping for a lie-in. Darkness is essential for a good night’s sleep, as it allows your mind and body to fully relax. If you struggle to make your room completely dark, then you could consider installing blackout shutters, which are specially designed to prevent light from getting in when closed.

What are blackout shutters?

Blackout shutters are standard full-height plantation shutters that feature built-in blackout blinds. While the interior shutters alone already achieve a good level of darkness when shut, the pleated blinds block any gaps that light could enter through – such as between the slats and around the frames. Your blackout shutters can be fully tailored to your specification, in accordance with the level of darkness that you would like to achieve within your property

Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and cinema rooms

There are many reasons that you might choose to install blackout shutters in your home. As we have already mentioned, they are ideal for bedrooms that are affected by light from the sun or streetlights. As such, they are perfect for light sleepers or people who need to sleep during the day. Blackout shutters are also a popular option for nurseries, as they provide a consistently dark environment during the day and at night, helping babies sleep soundly. A lot of homeowners also install blackout shutters if they want to create a home cinema room, as they provide them with full control over the amount of light that enters the room.

Combining aesthetics with functionality

The beauty of blackout shutters is that they keep your home looking smart, attractive and modern while blocking out light. As opposed to blackout curtains – which can be thick and heavy, making the room look small – blackout shutters are sleek and contemporary in style. They are versatile enough to look amazing in any room within the house, without stopping natural light from flowing in when the interior shutters are open. You are in full control – your home is bright and airy when you want it to be, and completely dark when needed.

Bespoke shutters for your home

Our blackout plantation shutters are available in a variety of different materials and finishes, including basswood, paulownia, medium-density fibreboard, white teak and waterproof options. You can find out more about our bespoke shutters on our Shutter Finishes page. Whatever look you want to achieve, we can advise you on suitable shutters to match.

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