Choose full-height shutters for perfect control over how much light is flowing into your property.

Full-height shutters enable you to make the most of the windows in your home or business space. Simply tilt the slats to manage light and privacy levels, open the shutters fully to let natural light flow in, and close them to block out all light. Classic, elegant full-height shutters are fitted to your windows for maximum efficiency, and can be beautifully tailored to meet your requirements in terms of size, appearance and functionality. They are ideal shutters for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, kitchen–diner spaces, conservatories, extensions and more. Here’s everything you need to know about installing full-height shutters in your property.

What are full-height shutters?

Full-height shutters dress the window from top to bottom, enhancing privacy and giving you control over how much light is let in. They are essentially plantation shutters that cover the full length of the window. The slats can be closed, tilted or opened, depending on how bright you want to space to be, and the shutters can be fully raised to let in maximum light. The interior shutters are fitted to the window frame for optimum neatness and ease of use.


Our classic bespoke shutters offer a simple and graceful window dressing for period and contemporary spaces alike, and can be fully customised to suit the shape, style and size of your window. A lot of homeowners like to add a mid-rail to full-height plantation shutters – this enables them to open the upper section of slats independently from the lower section, which can be useful for controlling privacy and light flow. Mid-rails are also effective for strengthening particularly tall shutter panels and reducing any risk of warping on the slats.

A beautiful addition to any window

Full-height bespoke shutters bring symmetry and sophistication to all types of window, from bay and bow to floor-to-ceiling and casement. This is because the style is completely classic and can be expertly customised to suit the character of your home. If you’d like guidance on choosing bespoke shutters, Origin Shutters is able to visit your property and advise you.

Trade shutters

Our full-height bespoke designs make ideal trade shutters for companies and contractors in the building industry. Whether you are working on a residential development or renovating a client’s property, our trade shutters are an affordable, versatile and high-quality option. If you have a number of properties to work on, then our full-height plantation shutters mean that you can simply customise the design for each of the different rooms or properties. As well as looking amazing, they are practical and easy to maintain – ideal for modern homes.

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