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Energy ratings information from Hamilton Windows

Energy Ratings


*Figures based on replacing non energy rated windows in an average 3 bedroom house with gas central heating


Yearly savings

10 year savings*

CO2 saved (tonnes)

A Rated




B Rated




C Rated




D Rated




E Rated




*Savings over 10 year period based on assuming annual 5% increase in fuel costs

Environmental Information

  • CO2 is the main green house gas responsible for global warming.
  • Energy rated PVC-U windows are one of the most effective ways to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Energy rated windows reduce heat loss by more than 20%.
  • Fitting A rated windows can help you save over £250 from your heating bill in the first year alone.
  • Modern energy rated windows will not only reflect heat back into your home but will also retain heat from solar gain.
  • Old non energy rated windows waste energy equating to 0.7 tonnes of CO2
    per year.